Don't miss this opportunity to join a company with a product line that appeals to 9 out of 10 families. Hair of the Dog™ is only one of the unique products that is offered by Good Life International and this website is one of two websites that distributors can use to build their business. The video link above will explain more about the Good Life products and the exciting opportunity that is available to you now!

Referral Marketing The Easy Way!

Because we offer great prices on premium, high content products, your customers can easily see the exceptional value our products provide. And when they experience noticeable results quickly, they will be your customers for life!

Can you see what a terrific advantage you have in being a distributor for a company that makes it easy to get retail customers?

The truth is, without recruiting a single distributor you can make an excellent part-time or full-time income!

Find Six Customers and your Hair of the Dog can be FREE!*

Let's say you order 2 Cases of Hair of the Dog - Energy at $47.95 per case. Your monthly order would be $95.90. Based on $9 per case commission (45% of $20 CV) for customer purchases, you would need only 6 customers buying 2 cases each to make your products FREE* and pocket over $12! Certainly you know 6 people who would love Hair of the Dog at an affordable price!

*FREE means that you recover your product cost in commissions.

Chances are good that many of your customers will become distributors and make you even more money when they get their own customers and/or distributors!

As you can probably tell by now, at Good Life we don't cater to the get-rich-quick scam artists of the industry. Rather, we provide a home for caring professionals and part-time networkers who dream of financial freedom. This distributor-friendly philosophy is reflected in our Financial Plan. Just imagine the potential rewards of a program where a part-time person can 'break even' on their own product use with just a few sales!

No hype necessary. What you see with Good Life International is what you get. No hidden gimmicks or accounting procedures designed to rob you of your hard-earned commissions. Just a straight-forward business plan designed to reward everyone, not just a select few!

If you want to build a solid, lasting income, choose the Ideal Company to help you make that happen.

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Note: Hair Of the Dog´┐Ż is not intended to decrease Blood Alcohol Levels.

All matters concerning to your physical health should be supervised by a health care professional.